Monday, January 7, 2008

Ahoy, pilgrims!

Hi there, staunch readers! I bet you've been wondering where I've been hiding myself over the past six weeks. Well, my friends, I have a surprise for you: I am launching a jewelry line. Gears, cogs, and bones crafted into beautiful adornments. Very steampunk, neh? I have been busy as a little bee in my studio. Being snowed-in has no doubt assisted my laser-like focus.

I also received a kind note from Julie of Virtu, who informed me that Laura Zindel will be coming out with a brand new line of ceramics sometime this year. Her works flies off the shelves, so all of you insect addicts, be warned. Thanks, Julie!!

Also, I wanted to compliment Grace of DesignSponge for her always excellent taste. I fell in love with her Karin Eriksson votives and spent a very productive morning hunting online. Karin's Etsy shop is empty as of this writing, but you can go here for her full sellers list. Lots of great shops here, and many of them have online stores. I found Lille to have a very nice selection, and many other lovely things besides.

Happy New Year!