Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peace and Quiet. . .

I live about two miles away from a really beautiful cemetery. I like to go for walks there -- it's quiet, there are no other people to bug you when you're lost in thought, and it has really nice landscaping and architecture. All of this may sound a bit disingenuous, but I am serious. There is no better place to collect your thoughts if you live in a city.

I was lucky enough to live near one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country while I was in college, the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA. You can take a virtual tour and read about the local legends here. It's just a few blocks away from the campus, and a lot of art students would go there to sketch the stone angels.

It really sparked my interest, and every city I visit, I try to find a beautiful or famous cemetery. I didn't even know about the one near my house until I had been here a month, but I'm very glad I've found it now!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ahhhh! Cute Monsters!

That's right, folk! The long-awaited time is here: I have unveiled the first in my series "Cute Monsters" to thunderous applause. (OK, so it's mostly mine, but applause is applause). Please step right up and grab yourself a few!

Haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, have you? Well, let me be your good fairy and provide you with a flurry of $15 prints to give the adorable weirdos in your life.

I will be adding several prints a week to this shop, so be sure to check back often! I will be posting the newest additions here, so you can preview the menagerie. Enjoy!