Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I Need More Closet Space

Ok, you wanted to know about all the amazing shops in San Francisco, so here you go. These are more area guides than shop guides, but I will point out a few of my favorites along the way.

The Haight:
Most of the best shops (a.k.a. the ones I like) are in the Upper Haight. Be warned: The window displays on Haight are all done by an outside agency and none of the displayed items are for sale. They are a ruse to get you to come into the store. Fortunately, most of the stores actually have nice things on offer, just don't be annoyed when you can't buy the fur-lined spats or the baroque jackets in the window.

The Lower Haight is mostly restaurants and studios. Except for Doe, a very cute shop with boutique label clothes and independent artists' work.

So, if you start up by Golden Gate park and work your way down, there are several excellent record shops (although I prefer to buy music directly from the artist if I can). Then there are several lovely consignment shops, including Wasteland, the best kind of vintage/consignment shop, where it smells decent and the clothes are skillfully curated. This is also in the midst of a number of other vintage shops in the Haight area, so if your shopping list includes an orange pillbox hat or a heavily beaded vintage gown you will not go away disappointed. Also stop in at Dollhouse Bettie, and check out their beautiful boutique lingerie. After you have had your fill, stop in at Indian Oven for dinner -- they have the most amazing curries!

Also nearby is Hayes Street, which has some lovely little boutiques and some really expensive shoe shops, like Bulo and Paolo. They are mostly between Octavia and Franklin. At Gough St. is the Absinthe Bar & Grill. Not to be missed. Seriously.

Want more? Go here. You should go there anyway, because Grace's blog is awesome.

Next time: mission The Mission. Have fun!