Thursday, December 10, 2009

Claimed by the vortex . . .

that is Facebook. Sorry chums and chumettes! I've put the links to my other sites (you know, the ones I, uh, actually update) on my blogroll so you can drool over my pretty pictures and see what I'm up to Every. Single. Minute. Or so. (Thanks, Twitter. Oversharing is so IN right now.)

I've also linked to some other blogs that I've been reading lately that have really excellent posts and update all frequently-like, in the manner which your truly cannot seem to accustom herself. I am planning to update with a few more blogs that have consistently wonderful photos that I check when I'm feeling blah and uninspired and yet really REALLY need to get some work done.

In other news, my SHOP! (Boneflowers is at 1747 Polk St in San Francisco, for those of you who have just gotten into the theater and are even now settling in with your popcorn and fizzy drink. I think you may have just spilled some on the lady sitting in front of you. Hopefully she won't notice.) Where was I? Oh yes, the SHOP! is having a holiday special -- spend $250 and get a free $50 gift certificate. It's like two presents in one! Or one for someone on your list and one for you. Or both for you -- come on, we all know how gift shopping works.

I have many MANY pretty dresses and coats and hats and suits and fiddly handmade necklaces for your purchasing pleasure. Go here for the whole shebang.