Wednesday, August 20, 2008

. . .And Now for Something Completely Different

I bet you are all wondering if I have found any fantastic treasures so far in this city that is packed so full of treasures you have to stamp them down to close the lid. Well, I have. Many. So many, in fact, that I have a whole post that I am still working on. For now, let me introduce you to the newest staples of my wardrobe: Luna Luz skirts (no, that is not me, and I would not wear this skirt with sandals):

They are so floaty and comfortable. The perfect balance of bohemian and victorian. It's all in the accessories, really. I have one in brown, and I just ordered a short charcoal and a long olive. I am also considering getting one in white and antiquing it with tea.

And my new Palladium boots:

Yes, I thought nothing could top my dKodes, (warning, their site has weirdly looping music) and truthfully, these don't quite do it. But they are really, really close. I am still waiting with baited credit card for dKode's fall/winter line to come out.

And the best part? They both go perfectly with the new Camp corsets I got on eBay (yay fan lacing!)

How the Other Half Lives

I thought I would post a few quick pictures that the Boy took from his office window. Ah, almost a view of the Bay. You can see a teeny bit between the buildings. San Francisco has such a pretty downtown!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Rest of the Place

Here are some shots of the living room, looking towards the kitchen, and looking away from the kitchen.

And from in the kitchen itself. Not too bad, eh?

Monday, August 18, 2008

And Everything In It's Place. . .

So I finally managed to squeeze all my things into my new apartment. I will not even tell you what I spent at Ikea on storage furniture to supplement my two tiny closets, because I am in denial. ANYWAY. Here are some photos:
There are three windows in the bedroom, which is nice. Except when the granite shop across the road starts cutting their new shipment with a wet saw at 7 in the morning. The three ceramic hands on my dresser are antique glove molds I picked up at the Alameda Flea Market, which is the coolest flea market I have ever been to.

And this is my way-too-cramped studio that I managed to be surprisingly productive in:

As you can see, it's tight, but not unbearably so, although I suspect that by the time my lease is up I will be more than ready to get into a larger space, possibly with more than 10 square feet of closet space. I'll be back with more pictures soon!