Monday, July 30, 2007

Out With the Old. . .

I have never been very fond of the standard icons you get on your computer desktop, but in a sort of subconscious, accepting kind of way. Why? Because until today, I did not even realize that putting up with bland desktop icons is a thing of the past, a pleistocene relic of the sorry days of dot matrix printers and WordPerfect.

I was looking for a new desktop at PixelGirl, which amounts to selecting a new, free, fabulous piece of art to look at every day. It's like buying prints on Etsy without the buying part. This one was done by Andrew Kingsbury.

Anyway, I was suddenly jarred out of my scrolling-induced trance when I noticed a little menu on the left. Icons (Mac) and Icons (XP), right there at the top. What was this? Oh, my friends, a treasure trove of uber-cuteness lies within. Proceed with caution, as a hard drive filled with icons often distracts from getting actual work done.

I luuurve my new custom icons by Jeff Dehut. I may never have to look at another manilla folder icon as long as I live. Ahhhhhh.

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