Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Worl', She Hold Her Breath. . .

Oh my god. Hi again, friends! That took a bit longer than I thought, but I am pleased to say that it has been conclusively proved that the boy at home will not wither away, but is on the road to mostly mended. Many apologies for those who were desperately awaiting news of life beyond the valley of the odd.

So as a fabulous comeback, I would like to present to you, for your august amusement and distraction, the fabulous Penny Farthing Bicycle! (for the uninitiated who are privately wondering what a farthing is, I suggest you look at the wheel sizes and possibly do some googling. We'll all wait. Okay. Get it now?)

Look at this--it's a Penny Farthing trike! Isn't she cute, folks?

No, that's not me. That is Denver's own Ms. EasyDoesIt, partygirl and gogo dancer. Some of you may remember her from Decomps or Gog parties. She's available for weddings and barmitzvas--what are you waiting for?

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