Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fairy Light!

I thought I would take a moment to share my new prototype! It's a 24" tall lamp for over my desk. I had originally made this with LED christmas lights, but they sort of burned out after a few weeks. So I swapped the broken lights with a compact flourescent bulb (only 15 watts, but quite bright) so no danger of a conflagration. Result? I love it. Especially since the cord no longer has a tail of little lights. I'm thinking of making a few more of these in different colors and putting them up on my Etsy shop. The cool part is that if the light isn't on, it looks like a plain colored box -- then it turns into a viney thicket when it's lit up.

PS - It's actually not super hard to make, although it is a bit fiddly around the corners: just print a design on the back of colored paper and fold the corners into a lid shape. Then mount a low wattage light in a cardboard box and pop the printed "lid" over the top. Make sure you cut a hole for the cord! You can also make a table top version if you make a holder for the bulb. Pretty!

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Kate said...

Put it on Etsy! It looks great and I'd put one in my house.