Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Amazing!

I have been wanting to get a Panton chair for quite some time. So iconic! Would look so fabulous in my bedroom! I have shied away from the price tags, though, because no one really wants to go into debt over a chair. The fiberglass originals can run over $1000, and even the plastic reproductions can set you back $300, not including shipping. But the Mid-Century furniture fairy must have been watching over my eBay search, because I found this. There are lots of colors, so if you have been crushing on this chair, get to it!

Not one, but TWO reproduction Panton chairs (full size, not juniors) for $195. And $49 shipping. I kept thinking there had to be some kind of catch, but apparently this seller is in fact shipping out these chairs for less than half the going price. I think I'm still in shock. I will update this when I receive them and let you know if there is an irate demon or something that comes in the box that explains the low price. Not that I expect one, but you never know.

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