Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Restructuring of Priorities. . .

(a.k.a. more work for the Boy.)
After having a bash at working in a tiny, cramped space I decided to do a little modification to my original room layouts. Since I moved all the way out here at semi-great expense and trouble to focus on my career as an artist, I thought my space should reflect that mindset.

So I rotated the rooms counter-clockwise. (That's where the grunt work came in for the Boy.) The studio is now our sleeping alcove, the living room is now my studio, and the bedroom is now the office/living room.

Ah, moving all that furniture around our cramped space was a joy, let me tell you. But we're done now, and I am very pleased with the results. Lots of room to work, no knocking over my sewing machine when I get out of my chair at the drawing table, plus I can open all the file drawers all the way. Pretty snazzy, eh? I also moved the cat tree next to my table, because what's the point of having a cat in a studio if it can't dash through your palette and track paint all over the house from time to time?

Hurrah, let joy be unconfined, etc.

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KMG said...

We did that too - the office is now a meditation room, and the living room is a workspace with a couch. I'm more motivated to write and meditate. Smart move.