Monday, June 25, 2007

I Love Mondays. . .

Ok, well, not as such. But I am addicted to matcha shots first thing in the morning. Weekend days for me tend to start with pottering around fixing breakfast and nursing a cup of PG Tips. But during the week, I require more rapid caffeination. Enter: the matcha shot. Drinking powdered green tea mixed with soy milk is like mainlining sunshine. Or something. (Have I mentioned that mornings are not my best time?)

If you also need a quick boost to get the old synapses firing, here is my recipe:

Matcha Shot

1 tsp. powdered matcha


4 oz. vanilla soy milk (or plain soy milk with a teaspoon of sugar and a drop of vanilla)

Put the matcha in a cocktail shaker or any other closable container, and add a little of the soymilk. Stir until it forms a paste -- this is very important if drinking chunky matcha is not on your agenda for the morning. Pop in a few ice cubes. Now add the rest of the soymilk and shake until it's mixed. (See? This is easy enough that even I can manage it in the mornings) Strain into a glass and enjoy. Repeat as needed.

Happy Monday!

Update: If you happen to own a submersible blender, ditch the shaker and use the blender instead. Dump all ingedients into an appropriately tall container and zizz away. Handheld zen, at last!

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