Tuesday, June 26, 2007

With Her Red Shoes On

I am relatively new to a colorful wardrobe, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I decided to buy these shoes:

Pretty snazzy, eh? If you run over here really, really quickly, you can dash off with a pair before they're all gone. These are from last season, so supplies are short. Yes, I know the British pound is kicking the dollar into the gutter and sneering at it these days, but that is no reason to let them have all the cool shoes. I love Irregular Choice -- not every single style, but when they are on, they are fabulous.

And I got them in four days. FOUR DAYS, people. This is serious customer service. I have mailed letters in my own city that haven't gotten to their destination in four days.

Aaaaand as long as we are discussing fashion, I should point you over to Daddy-O's in case you are having a Betty Page moment. They have almost the whole line of Stop Staring dresses and separates. I have one of their creations winging it's way to me in a UPS truck. (A winged UPS truck? Sure, why not?) I will let you know how well it works. Stop staring, indeed.

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