Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Life of a Supermodel

"So after the photoshoot, we all went to Studio 54 and . . ."

OK, so not really. I did shoot some photos for a friend of mine, who produces a pet magazine. She needed some pictures with her new dog for the magazine bio page. We didn't exactly have a professional set-up, since it was a pretty last-minute request, but I managed to get a few good pictures of them both. Here is one of the test shots: Pythagoras in a rare moment of stillness.

Isn't he cute? He's a four-year-old retired greyhound, and he is huge. His head comes almost to my waist. When he runs full out, he can clear about 15 feet in one stride. Did I mention he won a lot of his races?

Ah, I got him to sit down for 1/500th of a second. I have proof:

When I got home, I thought my cat was going to have a heart attack. She could smell a dog -- a BIG dog. She was, shall we say, less than cheerful. I had to change clothes and bribe her with treats to stop her glaring at me.

The finger of shame points at me, for I am a slave to the disapproval of my kitty.

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Anonymous said...

We have Whippets, which are in the same bizarre family. We call them the "aliens" because they remind us of those popular images of grey aliens (e.g., Close Encounters).