Monday, February 11, 2008

A Land of Milk. . .and More Milk

Everyone in the Home of Bones likes cheese, in the same way that the sun is a little warmish. Last year for Christmas, the Boy bought me a mozzarella making kit, and I (slacker that I am) waited until just yesterday to try it out. I have made my own paneer for years and somehow the idea of adding fussy enzymes and things to my usual method (heat milk - add lemon - remove cheese) seemed unappealing. But after reading blog after blog of newly born cheese addicts, I put my misgivings aside and went for it. Result? Almost too easy. It confirmed my suspicion that all milk secretly wants to be cheese, like all little girls secretly want to be princesses. Fortunately for cheese, a few chemicals will do the trick, while royal succession is usually a bit more work. You can buy everything you need (and then some, seriously) here. And if you do happen across any enzymes that will turn someone into a princess, please let me know because there is a five-year-old of my acquaintance who is willing to donate all her Pop Tarts toward this end.

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