Monday, July 16, 2007

Orbular Redux. . .

As you may remember if you are commiting this blog to memory, I did a post a bit ago on ceramic artists. Well, I must admit I didn't tell you about one of my very favorites, because I could not find her vases anywhere that would sell to the public. But now, Sara Paloma of Restoration Hardware cover fame is on Etsy, purchasable by even the least connected to the design industry. (Thank you, Madam Fabulous from Another Shade of Grey!) Aren't they gorgeous? I thought so.

Aaaaand since I cannot seem to visit Etsy without spending the next two hours poking around, I give you Askey:

Ah. I love marionettes.

Look at this beauty by Daniel Villela:

It reminds me of MirrorMask. Dave McKean is my favorite artist, hands down. Watching that movie was like walking into one of his paintings.

Of course, I always have an eye out for new prints. I found a beautiful watercolor print by Gilfling of Nottingham. That sounds like a really romantic place to live, but I understand from my correspondant overseas that it is mostly council flats and no forests. Oh well.

Speaking of forests, I am going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a few days, so no post tomorrow. (Okay, I might post. But not till late, so don't wait up for me.)

It's for a work thingy, people. Don't give me that look.

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